PhD Program





Meet Bornwell and Samuel! 


Bornwell Katebe and Samuel Ndhlovu graduated from the University of Zambia in 2015 with their masters degree in Speech, Language, and Communication Disorders. After a competitive process, they were accepted into the Applied Language & Speech Sciences doctoral program at the University of Louisiana Lafayette in the United States. Bornwell and Samuel decided to pursue a PhD as the next step on their journey to bringing speech language pathology services to children and adults in their homeland! Bornwell and Samuel arrived at the University of Louisiana Lafayette in August 2016.


But how did all of this begin?


As early as 2005, as a teacher in a school that was attempting to help learners with special needs, Bornwell realized the urgent need for the profession of speech language pathology in his country.  Samuel, who served as the Head of the Department of Design and Technology for the Ministry of General Education, realized how little education was afforded children with any type of disability. To work toward meeting the needs of these children, Bornwell and Samuel completed the Speech, Language, and Communication Disorders masters level degree program hosted by CLASP International and the University of Zambia. They attended classes and practicum opportunities to learn the necessary skills for the profession. Even though a degree had been conferred upon completion of the program, there were no jobs created to work with children and adults with speech, language, and communication disorders. This lead Samuel and Bornwell to pursue their doctoral degrees. Generous donations from individuals at Trinity Episcopal Church in Fort Worth, Texas made continuing education financially possible. The goal of obtaining their PhD is for Bornwell and Samuel to be able to return to Africa and continue developing the profession of speech-language pathology in Zambia.


Bornwell and Samuel have successfully completed their first year as doctoral candidates. CLASP International looks forward to supporting these men as they continue to study hard at the University of Louisiana Lafayette. We are so proud of Bornwell and Samuel for being a voice for the voiceless through the work they are doing.