Our Programs

CLASP International offers several degree and masters level programs provided by CLASP International professionals at the local universities in our identified countries. The programs are recognized by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education in each country where programming is inserted.

  • WHY Speech Therapy?

    The field of Speech-Language Pathology treats a wide range of speaking, swallowing, and communication disorders that can dramatically change and forever improve the quality of life for individuals with disabilities.




    CommunicationThe ability to communicate is essential in building human relationships and key to participation in society. Imagine being a mother who has never been able to understand the needs of her daughter who has apraxia and only able to utter sounds. Or a child who has been mute since birth and has... Read More

  • Clinic Sites

    CLASP International partnered with different organizations in Lusaka, Zambia including 3 special needs schools, 2 nonprofits helping children with disabilities, and 1 church helping to reach the disabled populations who are unable to attend school. These partnerships strengthened CLASP’s efforts in two ways: one, they connected CLASP with patients with varying disabilities who were in need of therapy, and two, they provided the former graduate students with a physical location in which to obtain their practicum hours.

    CLASP International wishes to thank each of the... Read More

  • Master Degree Program